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Welcome, gorgeous woman!

Do you ever catch yourself wondering…

“Will I ever lose weight and feel good in my body?”

“Why do I always seem to hit the same walls again and again?”

“Is this really all there is to life? I desire so much more…”

“Why can’t I stick with a wellness plan long-term? What’s my problem?

Then you, soulful one, are in precisely the right place.

In fact, whether you realize it in this moment or not,
you’ve come home.


I know you.

You’re a fiercely ambitious business owner or career maven with the world at her feet.

But, deep in your soul, you know something big is missing. (And you’ve been feeling that way for a while.) You’re ready for a shift with clarity and direction… but you can’t put your finger on what that means.

You want to feel amazing in your body and want to do it in a way that doesn’t feel hard, restrictive and soul crushing.

You’ve tried the traditional methods and now you crave more, you crave a soulful approach.

A big problem is your fast-paced lifestyle is taking its toll on your health.

Maybe you skip breakfast, and grab whatever you can for lunch – even fast food. You’ll work out later right?

The extra little jolt of sugar or caffeine to get you through the day will be fine.

Dinner? Hmmm, maybe tonight, you’ll treat yourself out (again). You deserve it!

Month after month you’re adding a couple of pounds here and there and your body forgets what it’s like to MOVE. Now you’ve begun noticing some aches, fatigue and brain fog and maybe more.


How do you have it all… if you aren’t giving it your all because you don’t have any more to give?

Where do you start?

If you’re depriving yourself of the food that fuels you, & the simple steps that make you feel good…

How else are you depriving yourself? In your business? Your bank account? Your bliss?

But never fear, my dear. The road to changing all of that begins right here, right now.

As an Intuitive Wellness Expert, I use a high-power combination of practical + soul work to help you get to the bottom of what you desire, and create a plan of action you’ll actually act on.

If you’re ready to map out a road to seeing all your big goals realized - one that’s a perfect fit for YOU, your body, and the lifestyle you really want, let’s talk.

What’s Brewing Now

Rave Reviews

"I was reborn in the 9 months we worked together! The growth I experienced was amazing. Thank you for your wisdom and impartation of your very soul into mine. You are loved and will always hold a special place in my heart!!!"

T.J. Nurse Practitioner, FL

"Priscilla is a rare and valuable resource in the world of coaching and spiritual resources. She blends great knowledge, insights, and fundamental wisdom with the right amount of challenging personal exercises. My experience with her was very enlightening, healing, and most importantly change-igniting. She's a wonderful soul & I'm very grateful for our work together."

M.White, Sr. Director, Media Co. NY, NY

"Three months after dialing into one of my passion projects for clarity in my records, it’s become a TV pilot, a book proposal and it’s generating serious excitement for me and my brand."

– Lisa Steadman, Bestselling Author & Branding Expert – Los Angeles, CA

"Priscilla is a pure light with natural healing capabilities and I have successfully begun my own path to wellness."

C.S. - Project Manager, Colorado

"Priscilla clearly brought to light my life purpose, and its expression. She was so spot on I was surprised at the wealth of information she had concerning my deep desires and work on this planet."

– Veronica Cole , NY, NY

"Working with Priscilla gave me in a very short period of time what I had been in therapy for years. It was so freeing!!"

– Marisol Y., NY, NY

"I KNEW there was something bigger at work through Priscilla, speaking through her, and transferring energy through her to me, and I sure did FEEL the shifts in my thinking and in my body."

– Erin Lanahan, yoga instructor, Vero Beach, FL

"Within weeks of the Akashic Records reading, I found myself taking bold actions and launching a business program that was a big success and rocked my confidence."

– Laura Yamin, Blogger Lifestyle Coach & Blogger – Hoboken, New Jersey

"Since my reading, I've got a much greater feeling of ease in making the decisions I need to make: Clearer, smoother, and more concrete. Thank you, Priscilla!"

– Nisha Moodley, Founder

"You truly are gifted at what you do, and really just get to the heart of the matter, in such a gentle yet direct manner. Plus, you are so generous with the questions you answer."

Beth M. – Executive, Los Angeles, CA

"I felt a deeper sense of purpose. Potential clients signed up for my free discovery sessions. I definitely feel more in control of my life and at peace. I know what I need to do next."

– Audrey S. Health Coach- Switzerland

"I now have less resistance around my business and money and have been lead to the tools that can help me achieve my dreams."

- Kate Chiffey-Gray, Australia

"My self-knowledge has increased tenfold, and I approach challenges with a gentle compassion, instead of frustration and exhaustion."

- Hillary Weiss, Copywriter

"Priscilla is a pure light with natural healing capabilities and I have successfully begun my own path to wellness."

C.S. - Project Manager, Colorado

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